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Lomel, a native of Springfield Massachusetts, is a multi-versatile recording artist, songwriter­ and actor.


What started off as a hobby with friends, singing and rhyming at the early age of 8, soon became a true passion. Raised in the inner-city of Springfield, life brought it's challenges but music and acting alongside MMA Fighting were outlets that Lomel pursued. Bouncing around the Country, in and out of broken homes, youth programs, foster care, time in prison, including two years of solitary confinement filled many chapters of Lomel's life. Within those pages are years of singing which will define the next chapters to come.

Lomel's musical influences include legends such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Ne­yo, R­ Kelly, Brian McKnight, Missy Elliot, Ginuwine, The Temptations, 112, Donnell Jones,  Trey Songz, August Alsina, Chris Brown, Sam Hunt, Kane Brown and Brantley Gilbert.


With an incredible talent, words flow like water behind a mic, on camera and on a stage for Lomel. This skill has shown to be valuable and transferable to his acting career landing him roles in TV commercials, movies, and small films.


This rare talent is the foundation to his freestyle capabilities. Any beat, any topic, anywhere, Lomel has wowed the crowd. In November 2020, Lomel went for the #1 spot by attempting the Guinness World Record for longest freestyle set at 33 hours, 33 minutes and 19 seconds. After enduring extensive physical and mental fatigue, doubts and fears, 34 hours and 600+ songs later, Lomel did the unbelievable. Unfortunately, due to technicalities in the rules, Lomel was disqualified in his attempt. But this didn't break him, but only made him even more determined and motivated. But this time, with his confidence and faith at the highest peak, Lomel will make a second attempt, shattering the record at 48 hours.   

Over the past two years, Lomel has been building his musical catalog including a feature from Method Man. But make no mistake, his songs are meaningful, motivating and personal.


"I've always wanted to make music that can lift people out of the darkness," - Lomel



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